“Roosevelt Gateway” – Seattle, Washington

Weedin Image 1

Artist:  Curtis Pittman
Brief Description: Located in Seattle’s Roosevelt Neighborhood, this project is a transformation of a vehicular street into a public park.  Unlike many public art opportunities, this unique project offered the potential for the artwork to influence the design and function of the urban plaza.  Roosevelt Gateway is a catalyst to action, intended to foster interactivity between the landscape and its users.
Firmly rooted, the elegant curving gesture emerges from the hard-scape surface to form a gateway arch.  The sculpture naturally becomes the park’s central focus, and acts as an iconic point of interactive passage as you walk through. It is constructed of three main steel pipes that are interwoven together to form a structural tri-chord truss. Laminated glass and coated metal panel accentuate the curving gesture through a luminous interplay of both light and shadow.

Weedin Image 2

Project Metaphors:  harmony, fish life, plant life, and bird life of the Pacific Northwest
Client:  The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association
Completion:  Competition Entry
Dimensions:  26′ L x 8′ W x 19′ H
Materials:  Painted steel pipe, metal perforated panel, laminated safety glass

Weedin Existing Site Plan

Weedin Urban Plan Concept

Weedin Site Perspective

Weedin Concept Sketches_1

Weedin Elevations

Weedin Concept Sketches_2


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