“Unity” – Penn State University

Artist:  Curtis Pittman
Brief Description:  “Unity” is a sculpture for Penn State’s diversity and inclusion efforts on campus.  At nearly 22′ tall, and 43′ long, the 22 angel-like forms are arrayed in an uplifting gesture.  Strategically placed to avoid tree canopies and provide the most opportunity for interaction with natural light, the sculpture’s steel forms and glass wings embrace an existing walkway to create a new place of public interaction. Completely transforming the liveliness of an otherwise unassuming public space on campus, “Unity” is a symbolic reminder for those that visit, to set aside their differences and embrace the equality of all people in order make this world a better place.

Project Location:  Penn State University
Project Metaphors: diversity, inclusion, humanity
Dimensions:  43’L x 12’W x 22’H
Materials:  stainless steel pipe, stainless steel panels, laminated safety glass
Completion:  competition finalist


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