About Me

Curtis Pittman

Born and raised in a small rural town in SE Pennsylvania, my love, passion, and interest in the built environment stems from a natural affinity of the outdoors.  Currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, I can always find an outdoor activity that suits my desires.  I am a “work to live” and not a “live to work” type of person.  With a beautiful wife and 3 lovely girls, I am a family man first and ambitious career oriented design professional second.

Having professional experience in both art and architecture, it is important that my art is both equally meaningful as it is contextual.  My process begins with a site investigation, where I gather and synthesize relevant information about the physical, social and cultural context of a project. This information provides the conceptual framework for my art and ensures a design outcome that is both one-of-a-kind and site responsive.

From 2004-2011, I worked with architectural design teams on theaters, performing art centers, and healthcare projects.  From 2011-2016, I worked on public art projects full-time in collaboration with international artist, Ed Carpenter while also pursuing opportunities of my own.  I am self-employed, and am an up-and-coming artist who has been awarded multiple six-figure art contracts within the last three years.  I work with highly qualified consultants throughout my process, produce all shop drawings for sculpture fabrication, and am a one-stop shop from concept design through installation.