Short Bio

Curtis Pittman


Born and raised in a small rural town in SE Pennsylvania, my love, passion, and interest in the built environment stems from a natural affinity of the outdoors.  Whether it is hiking, hunting, fishing, or playing golf, I can always find an enjoyable activity to suit my desires here in the Pacific Northwest.  I am a “work to live” and not a “live to work” type of person.  I am a family man first, and ambitious career oriented design professional second.

My professional experience specializes in both architecture and sculpture.  Following a degree in architecture from Pennsylvania State University, I began my career in New York City at Holzman Moss Architecture, where I worked with design teams on theaters, performing art centers, municipal, corporate, and residential projects.  I was also introduced to sculpture at this time in collaboration with Dennis Oppenheim.

Residing in Portland, Oregon since 2007, I have continued to diversify my experience in both architecture and sculpture.   At ZGF Architects I was an integral part in the design of large scale healthcare facilities in California, Colorado, and Oregon.  Currently, I work on public art projects full time.  I am actively pursuing art projects of my own while also collaborating with Ed Carpenter designing, fabricating, and installing large scale exterior and interior sculptures throughout the world.  From concept design through installation, I am an integral part of his team.  I have been project manager for multiple six figure art commissions and have been installation foreman on multiple six figure interior and exterior projects.  I also am responsible for all shop drawings for fabrication and installation.  I am an emerging artist with the resources of someone who has been successful as a public artist for over 40 years.  This latest transition has been most influential in my decision to pursue a professional career as an artist.

In May of  2014 I was selected for  an exterior commission located in the plaza of Scottsdale’s Museum of the West.  More information on this project can be found HERE.  More recently, I was selected for an exterior commission for Michigan State University’s Breslin Student Event Center.  I have been approved for the fabrication phase of design, and the project is scheduled to be installed in July 2017.